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Founded in 2009, Warner Bros. International Television Production (WBITVP) produces scripted and non-scripted programming through its network of local production operations of 21 production companies, producing in 13 territories.


Across the UK - Wall To Wall, Twenty Twenty and Ricochet. In Europe - France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Finland, Denmark & Sweden, and in Australia and New Zealand.


WBITVP’s production operations develop and produce original programming, as well as local versions of formats owned and/or controlled by the Warner Bros. Television Group, such as  First Dates, The Bachelor,  The Repair Shop, FBoy Island, Who Do You Think You Are? and Glow Up. Scripted series include Gossip Girl, The Twelve, 30 Somethings, Love Me, The Mentalist and Pretty Little Liars.


Where WBITVP has no local production capability, it licenses Warner Bros. formats to third parties. WBITVP represents formats from third-party production companies and broadcasters such as North South Productions, Hungry Bear, Radio Karate and CBC Canada. 

WBITVP Format Hotlist Catalogue 2024
Bring The Drama - Format
Star Vs Food - Format
The Nevermets - Formats
WBITVP Finished Hotlist Catalogue 2024
FGirl Isand - STX Alternative
Born From The Same Stranger - Wall To Wall Television
D-Day: The Unheard Tapes - Wall To Wall Television
Warner Bros. International Television Production
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